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Acacia (organic cotton and bamboo casual wear, up to XXL)

Athleta (bamboo/organic cotton clothing available in XL’s – athletic/lounge gear)

Black Cat Plus – features Neon Buddha, Pure & Co, and Diane Kennedy

Cherry Velvet – Canadian plus-size boutique featuring designs by Diane Kennedy in organic bamboo

Chloe Angus (Canadian eco-friendly designer – also designs in plus-sizes. available in Canada and some online at Juno and Jove)

SPUN (affordable organic cotton line – some styles available in XL)

Coldwater Creek (basic organic cotton tees, up to size 3x)

Diane Kennedy (Canadial plus-size eco-friendly designer – cannot buy directly through site, but some pieces are at Juno and Jove)

Faeries Dance – features a growing selection of plus-size organic cotton/hemp clothing

Gaiam (has many organic cotton/bamboo pieces in XL’s)

Horny Toad (all pieces available in XL)

Indigenous Designs (fashionable fair trade and organic clothing available in XL)

Jonano (bamboo ecoKashmere, Eco Scrubs & more eco-friendly styles available in XL)

Juno and Jove (eco-friendly boutique carrying plus-size designer Diane Kennedy and Chloe Angus among others)

Lola & Gigi (carries diane kennedy and chloe angus plus size eco-fashion)

Mewv (organic cotton, bamboo, etc., in up to size 26 – designed specificaly for plus-sizes, NOT just sized up)

Mountains of the Moon (hemp and organic clothing in sizes up to XL)

Nixxi (Canadian eco-friendly designer – some pieces available in XL)

Nordstrom (several organic cotton pieces by Eileen Fisher – up to 3x)

Of the Earth (original organic clothing, mostly casual, in sizes up to XL)

Rawganique (hemp, organic cotton clothing in true plus sizes, up to 3x)

Saks Fifth Avenue (also eileen fisher organic cotton plus sizes)

sameunderneath (fashionable bamboo/spandex pieces, all available in XL)

savannahred (recycled, sustainable fashion for plus-size ladies)

Sharka Chakra (organic denim, in sizes up to 33/34)

Silhouettes – (plus-size retailer, carries some organic cotton pieces)

Soul Flower (eco-friendly clothing/hemp/organic cotton – some styles available in XL’s)

Team Estrogen (eco-friendly and plus-size biking & outdoors apparel)

Tranquilit (some yoga/lounge styles available in up to XL)

Ulla Popken (some organic/bamboo clothing in sizes 12 and up)

Etsy Sellers who sell hemp/organic cotton clothing in XL, plus-size, or made-to-order:
Gaia Conceptions
Indigo Inspired
Yana Dee
Violet Star Creations
Murielle Knitwear
Maggie Keefer designs

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Jennae @ Green Your Decor October 7, 2008 at 4:04 pm

This is a great list you’ve put together, and as a plus-sized eco diva, I know that you’re absolutely right when you say good stuff can be hard to find. I Stumbled this post, because I know some women who it will help.

I’ve seen Mewv’s dresses before, and I love them! But thanks for pointing me to those etsy sellers…specifically Gaia Conceptions. Her work is awesome!

grechen October 7, 2008 at 4:27 pm

thank you so much jennae!! i have one of gaia conceptions pieces – a tube dress ( and love it so much. i’m tempted to order one of everything she makes, but i don’t need any more clothes…

Sharon April 5, 2009 at 4:31 pm

YES! We need organic, nontoxic plus size clothes! Those of us with multiple chemical sensitivity need them desperately!
I’m a plus-sized woman with severe MCS, and it’s already very hard for MCSers to find safe, affordable clothing. When you add plus-size into it, it gets even harder. (The one oasis, which you didn’t list, and please, please list them, is Decent Exposures, because they do everything custom-made to fit, regardless of size and shape, and have fantastic customer service. But they are not stylish, but they are my only option, for the most part.)
However, if you’re a super-plus size and/or not into feminine clothing (like my butch partner), forget it! It is a desert wasteland.
Yes, we watch Project Runway. Yes, we like to look at fancy clothes. But as rural women, and as someone who spends most of my time homebound due to chronic illness, we really need *comfortable* nontoxic clothes that fit. Maybe one day I’ll have an event where I have a need and a reason for something luscious, and when that time comes, I despair of finding anything. The Meww gowns are mouth-watering, but I have no idea of the environment in which they’re made, if they’re washable (decontaminatable), the “hidden toxins” that might be part of the garment, etc. (See below if you have no idea what I’m talking about.)
Because, although I love that you made this listing, and I have bookmarked it, there are two major gaps here:
1. Most of the designers you list go up to “XL,” and if you read their sizing chart, XL usually means 12-16. Give me a break! Size 12 is XL?? For those of us over size 16, forget it. As a 2X, I can at least find the things I need if I look hard enough and don’t care what I look like. But for 3X or 4X women with MCS (not to mention plus size butch women and large men), it’s impossible.
2. Many who start out with organic or eco fabrics (hemp, bamboo, silk, organic cotton), then dye, sew, add-on, blend in stuff that makes the clothes completely unwearable for those of us with MCS. Spandex, for example. Why does every organic designer now feel it is necessary to add spandex to otherwise perfectly good, safe, wearable organic clothing? Try to get fragrance smells out of something with spandex — it cannot be done. And if the processes for dyeing, bleaching, storage, the facility where they’re made, etc., aren’t controlled environments (those handling the fabric wearing perfume or lotion on their hands, for instance or using chemical dyes), for MCSers, it might as well be made of polyester.
We are a growing group of consumers — the chemically injured. About 30% of the population now has some chemical sensitivity, and that number is rising all the time.
We wear our clothes until they are rags, held together by threads — seriously. I could send you photos.
Thank you for advocating on this issue! We are out here, looking for clothes….
(P.S. I know it’s important to support the designers and manufacturers, but since most people with MCS live in poverty, paying for any safe clothes at all is often a hardship. When you add “designer” onto that, it’s an impossibility. If I just need something to keep me warm and/or not naked, and I’m presented the choice between an unflattering organic, low-impact dyed or undyed T-shirt for $15 and a gorgeous, fancy eco-blouse sewn in a shop where the designer uses scented personal care products, etc., for $70, which do you think I’m going to choose?)

Ashe Mischief May 20, 2009 at 1:58 pm

This is an amazing post with fantastic resources! I’m so excited to see Sandmaiden on the list, too– she makes the most amazing & delicious pieces!

Ashe Mischief’s last blog post..OMG Shoes! Hidden Amazon Secrets

rie June 11, 2009 at 6:19 pm

Thank you…..

Sue Parker September 3, 2009 at 1:46 pm


I buy a lot of cute eco-friendly plus size styles from a MiB Collection using their catalog or their website They use beautiful natural fiber fabric and also have been using green business practices for years. Read about it here:



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