Must Have: James Perse Recycled Cotton skirt

by grechen on March 26, 2012 | SUBSCRIBE | TWITTER | FACEBOOK |

In my opinion, the best eco-fashion is the piece that first, is “fashionable” and then is also eco-friendly. I loved this James Perse skirt from the moment I saw it, but didn’t realize it was made from recycled cotton until it came in the mail ;)

James Perse Paneled Flared Skirt

It’s wonderful, I wear it all the time – in fact, I’m wearing it right now! The fit is “classic” James Perse: a little snug in the hips but fits nicely in the waist. I took a size 3 and it’s a tad snug, but the size 4 would have been too big. Check out a recent outfit picture featuring this skirt on Grechen’s Closet.

Incidentally, James Perse is made in the USA, so I consider it to be more environmentally friendly than some alternatives anyway, aside from their occasional use of recycled cotton.

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